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Wedding Division


Wedding Division only allows commissioned images taken on the wedding day itself, be it from the primary or secondary photographer. No images from pre or post weddings are allowed in these categories. Only images involving real couples are allowed. No composite, manipulation / adding elements that does not exist in the image.


Wedding Categories 

Bride Alone: Wedding Day

- Real bride by herself featured on the wedding day only.


Groom Alone: Wedding Day 

- Real groom by himself featured on the wedding day only.


Wedding Couple Together: Wedding Day 

- Real wedding couple featured on their wedding day only.


Bridal Party / Family & Friends 

- Real bridal parties, families and friends captured on the wedding day. 


Wedding Details 

- Real wedding accessories, details & decor that showcase the wedding day. 


Wedding Photojournalism 

- Unposed undirected wedding images with very limited post production and manipulation.





Pre Wedding Division


The Pre Wedding Division caters especially for pre or post weddings, which includes pre nuptial and elopement sessions to images taken after the wedding day, and also styled shoots and bridal themed and promotional images taken with models. No composite, manipulation / adding elements that does not exist in the image.



Pre Wedding Categories 


Bride Alone: Pre Wedding

- Image featuring a bride by herself in wedding, formal or casual attire taken before or after the wedding.


Groom Alone: Pre Wedding

- Image featuring a groom by himself in wedding, formal or casual attire taken before or after the wedding.


Couple Together: Pre Wedding

- Image of an engaged or married couple in wedding, formal or casual attire taken before or after their wedding.




Portrait division


The Portrait Division is broadly defined to include all types of portraiture including traditional, contemporary, creative and interpretive. They may be commissioned or self-commissioned and include collaboration with a creative / styling team. No composite, manipulation / adding elements that does not exist in the image.



Portrait Categories 



- Starring a single subject 20 years or older, be it classic or contemporary.



- Honoring relationships between 2 or more people.


- Featuring children including group shots with multiple children from 1 to 12 years old.


Fine Art Nude
- Body painting and stylized portraits of nude and semi-nude subjects.



- Images that showcase the beauty, intimacy & romance for an individual’s personal satisfaction or the private enjoyment of a romantic partner. While couple’s boudoir is allowed, enter maternity, body painting and stylized nudes in their respective categories.


- Image celebrating pregnancy including women alone or with members of their family and partners.


- Highlighting portraits of infants up to 1-year-old, with or without family members.


- Focused on teenager from 13-19 years old ( including the sweet fifteen or Quinceanera celebrations ).


Wildlife & Animals
- Highlighting portraits of widlife animals & pets taken regardless outdoors or in studio setup.




Creative Division


The Creative Division is specially catered for manipulated images with no limitations to creative boundaries, be it personal or commissioned.



Creative Categories 


- Exclusively for commissioned images that facilitate business transactions such as selling, promoting or advertising. 

Fashion / Beauty
- Images where highly styled clothing and accessories on display are tha main focus or that amplifies the beauty of the model and and their makeup.

- Pictorial, photo montage or fine art conceptual photography that immediately conveys a message or imagination of an idea.

Travel & Landscape
Involves landscape, people, culture, customs and history, and can be landscape images that depict the natural or urban environment, be it literal or interpretative.

Portrait Composite.
- Pictorial and photo montage portraits created with a full artistic license.

Bridal Composite
- Pictorial and photo montage of either wedding or pre-wedding portraits created with a full artistic license.




Filmmaking Division

The Filmmaking Division is an opportunity to showcase the art of motion, sound and editing, and presentation by weaving technical and artistic artistry with compelling narrative. 

Films submitted into the Wedding Day category must be from real couples actual wedding day, while the Open category caters to any genre unrelated to wedding.


Filmmaking Categories 


Wedding Day 

- Directed engagement, elopement or wedding films of real wedding clients that may include multiple days of shooting. 


Pre Wedding / Engagement

- Catered for films made during pre or post wedding sessions with couples in wedding, formal or casual attire. 



Commissioned and self-commissioned pre or post wedding, commercial, or non wedding day related films of any type, style or format.





Legal Terms & Conditions


The Cosmos Awards competition is subject to the following Terms and Conditions and by entering the Cosmos Awards competition, you agree to be bound by them.


1. Copyright in all photographs submitted for the Cosmos Awards remains with the respective entrants.


2. Each entrant grants a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual license to Cosmos to feature any or all of the submitted photographs in any material connected with the Cosmos Awards, including advertisement or marketing activities of Cosmos Awards.


3. Cosmos Awards accepts no liability and provides no indemnity to entrants against claims by a third party for violation of their alleged rights in any photograph submitted for the competition. In the event of a claim, the entrant (copyright owner) must reimburse Cosmos Awards for any costs and expenses incurred by Cosmos Awards in defending its case – including any attorney and court fees, as well as any associated damages and penalties.


4. Cosmos Awards reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the competition and amend or change its rules at any time without notice.


5. Cosmos Awards has the right to disqualify or re-categorize any entry if it does not adhere to the rules or if it risks undermining the integrity of the competition. 


100% money-back guarantee
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of payment on all contests except:
  • Contests with a guaranteed prize
  • Contests that have entered the Final round, since once you enter the Final round, your contest automatically becomes guaranteed.
  • Contests where a winner has been awarded.