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Q: How can I participate into the Cosmos Awards competition?

A: Register / sign up an account on the Cosmos Awards website and then start selecting categories, upload your images then complete the payment.

-> https://cosmosawards.com/eshop/participation

Q: Why does Cosmos Awards judges line up consists of photographers with varying styles, and not the usual fine art style that usually dictates the photography competition ?
A: Cosmos believes that we are rewarding photography as a whole, and rewarding certain photography style, therefore, any outstanding photography regardless of style should be rewarded as it is, making it diverse and acknowledge all types of photography.

Q: Is there an alternative way to buy early bird entries and upload my photos later?


A: Yes, head over to -> https://cosmosawards.com/products/credits to buy credits / entries in advance, then upload anytime you want as long as it’s before the final submission dateline. ( 1 credit = 1 entry upload )

*credits purchase and upload later does not apply for filmmaking, student and mobile phone submissions / entries.



Q: Is there any limits or terms?


A: There’s no limit to how many entries or credits you can purchase, and you can keep the credits for the whole competition year ( which means to use them all up before the third and final trimester). You cannot bring forward unused credits to the following competition year.



Q: How can I check my participations or orders?


A: You can always review your orders into your private profile (after login click on profile icon top right) into section “My Orders”.



Q: I fail to complete the payment. How can I try again or change the payment gateway?


A: You can visit your uncompleted order into Profile’s section “My orders”. Click in the last/uncompleted order’s ID and then scroll down to make the payment. If you want to change the payment gateway (for example from Paypal to credit card), please contact us through the contact form. Don’t forget to mention the order ID, your profile’s email and the new payment gateway to change. 



Q: I upload my photos and pay them, or I bought credits. What should I expect?


A: We check every payment manually. So, give us up to 2 business days to check and confirm the payment. After confirmation, you will receive an email. 



Q: If I change my mind, how can I change my photos?


A: Unfortunately, there is no other way. After uploading your images and completing the order by successful payment would lock in the entries. Hence, please be very sure before uploading them to the respective categories.



Q: How can I know the exact schedule of competition?


A: Please refer to the website’s latest updates by going to “About” and then “How To Enter” for the latest schedule.



Q: The competition is closed. Whats next?


A: After 3-4 weeks, all winners will be published into our website, into the Results section. The only public info is name, position and points that the entries get. You can find Judges’ comments into your private profile (after login click on profile icon top right) into section “Participations”.  



Q: Can I share my prize? How?


A: You can visit the Results section or Profile’ Participation and save locally your images (right click save image as). Then you can share them whatever you want.

Q: I want to submit an image to one of the online trimester, will I get to submit again into the print finale?
A: You can submit to any of the online trimester without any problem, but for the print finale, only the top 5 placings of each category from all the 3 online trimesters will qualify into the print finale, which means that you cannot pay to submit, it has to go through auto qualification by placing in the top 5 of respective categories.
Q: There’s ginormous amount of prize money for the winners, are they available for online or only for the print finale ?
A: The prize pool would be distributed for the winners of the print finale, with grand award from each group winning €1000 and then one grand of the grand winner picked from the 6 grand award winners would win the massive €5000 prize money.
Q: Do I win a trophy if I placed first, second of third place in the online trimester or trophies are only for the print finale placings?
A: Yes you will get a trophy if u placed first, second or third, in both online or the print finale. However, the size and design of trophies for print finale would be more sophisticated.
Q: What size and format should I prep my image before sending in?
A: Your file size should be controlled within 4MB and 2400px on the longest dimension saved at a 300dpi jpg file, with color profile sRGB or Adobe-1998.
Q: how does the Honors of Cosmos Points System work?
A: There’s no limit to how many entries you can submit per year, but a maximum of 15 points is only allowed for each year’s accumulation, with the exception of winning grand award or grand of the grand.


Q: if an image i entered in the first trimester didn't score well and i amended it based on judges' feedback, am i allowed to reenter either in the same calendar year, or the following year's competition?
A: Yes, you are allowed to reenter after making changes, to give opportunity to potential images which lacked direction or guidance, as a gesture of encouragement & motivation to the entrants.