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Teshorn Jackson
Teshorn Jackson
educator,speaker ,judge
When you first meet Teshorn Jackson, you can have multiple reactions …...
If you catch him strapped up with his cameras at a wedding, with his intense gaze
and concentration, you are instantly curious about who this guy is and what is his
story. How does he command their attention? Why is he laying on the floor? He sure
has a lot of charisma; he really must know what he is doing.
If you meet him in his native country of Antigua & Barbuda where he frequently
commutes to shoot and of course relax a little, you would absolutely love his laid
back demeanor.
If you meet him in a business setting and ask him about sales, finance or business
structure, then you will see one of the most passionate individuals you will ever
meet. Keep in mind you may not always want to hear what he has to say, because
above all things he will be completely honest and direct with you. Then he will give
you the tools to get your desired results and check in with you to make sure you are
doing it.
Teshorn Jackson is quite the multifaceted individual, Wedding Photographer,
Author, retired Architect and a WPPI Award Winner don’t quite begin to describe
him…but it’s a start.

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