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Nik Pekridis
master of Wppi,WppAsia,ASWPP



craftsman in PWS


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Nik Pekridis is a Greek based wedding photographer.All ready professional for more than 30 years,a 3rd generation wedding photographer.

He actually re-born only couple years ago when he was attend a seminar with Yervant in his town on 2007.It's a matter of time to get in truck and start following seminars,conventions,organisations and photographers globally.

On 2009 he establish the PWS ,a unique competition based community (www.photoweddingstories.com,www.wedseminars.com) with another two Greek photographers.

Since then he became member in many many organisations and societies all over the world and start to submit his images into print and electronically competitions.

Now he is a master of wppi and wwpAsia plus phoenix pro-team and a Graphistudio testimonial

On 2016 alongside with Keda z feng and Johnson wee they create the “fantastic 3 “ teaching concept and they organise workshops all over the world (www.thefantastic3.com)

He start teaching and demonstrating his style in Santorini first  on summer of 2011 and then all over Greece ,in swpp convention 2011 and 2012,and 2014 in Pws convention 2011 and 2012 and next to Yervant,Bambi Cantrell,David Beckstead and Michael Greenberg in Corfu in 2011.Also he had teach and judge in wppi since 2012 and wppm Malaysia and “i am photographer” in Estonia

He conduct  workshops all over the world like  Romania,Turkey,Italy, UK ,USA, Taiwan,Colombia ,China and Singapore just to name a few.

His style are mostly environmental portrait and he likes the romance and editorial stylised images.

His experience can conduct from  keynote theory in light and portraits or pose till a full 4 day workshop with shooting and workflow in LR,editing in PS and album designing.

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