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Robert Balasko
Robert Balasko
cinematographer, judge,speaker
With over 30 years of worldwide experience behind the camera Robert
Balasko is considered one of the leading wedding cinematographers in the
world. His international award winning Art Studio is widely recognized for its
high end production and creativity, bringing memorable moments and
emotions to screen. Originality, dedication and constant innovations in his
work has become an inspiration for many cinematographers and
photographers around the world. In that manner he takes great pleasure in
sharing his vision and experience in numerous film making workshops. His
unique blend of imagination, experience and enthusiasm is what keeps his
benchmarks rising day by day, motivating him for new ideas and ventures.
That is why just recently he started a new company called Sound & Vision, a
film making agency specialized in production of corporate films, TV
commercials and various promo videos and short films. No matter which
project he is working on, his clients and admirers can always be certain in one
thing - they will always get lot more than they ever hoped for. Made with
dedication, experience and love for his work.