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King Caldera
King Caldera
cinematographer, judge,speaker
King Caldera
Kristopher King Caldera is the founder of Studio King Films Co., a company based in the Philippines that
primarily focuses on capturing events and creating videos both locally and internationally. He has been shooting for
more than 10 years and was able to maximize his experience with different roles in the wedding industry from being
a production assistant, editor, main camera operator, wedding director, general manager, head director, and to
recently having his own company.
King’s videos emanate the power of elegance in different forms from romantic to fashion. His approach in wedding
cinematography has influenced the industry paving a non-conventional way of capturing moments. This influence
has led him to teach and share his experiences through workshops across the globe- from local cities like Manila
and Iloilo, to international cities such as New York, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Singapore, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing,
and Hong Kong.
Focusing on the beauty of the subject through angles, lighting, proper directing, and camera movement, King is set
to create new trends and will continue to share his knowledge through academies and workshops internationally.